Medical Malpractice Attorneys Secure Favorable Settlement with Hospital in Case of Wrongful Death

SMBP’s medical malpractice attorneys recently settled a lawsuit filed on behalf the estate of a loving husband, father of two and grandfather of five, who died in 2015, following complications resulting from the placement of a feeding tube.   Tragically, what was expected to be a short, uneventful procedure resulted in perforation of his intestines causing peritonitis which ultimately led to sepsis.  The deceased died the following day.

The deceased’s wife, who was bedside to witness her husband’s suffering, called for a doctor to examine her husband and discover the cause of his unrelenting pain.  Despite her efforts, the calls went unheeded.  The mediation of this case allowed the deceased’s widow the opportunity to speak with the representatives of the hospital and express her hope that other patients might have better outcomes, based on what was learned from this litigation.  The settlement reached with the hospital will fund the college educations of the deceased’s grandchildren.